Working Around The Problem

Many organisations offer management training programmes to their employees; some offer management development programmes, sometimes there’s a difference beyond the name. The key determinant of their effectiveness is whether managers are doing a better job. Employees are often the best judge of this, and where employment levels are high they may vote with their feet.

In other situations talented employees will simply work around ineffective managers, delivering results for themselves and the organisation in spite of a lack of effective management, but this is rarely sustainable as motivation dips along with direction. Key frustrations can be:

  • Managers are promoted on their technical rather than managerial ability, then spend their time trying to do my job rather than theirs
  • Managers spend lots of time managing me, asking how I feel, developing me, but have no idea how we’re doing in terms of delivering against our objectives
  • Managers lack creativity, and discourage it in their teams
  • Managers are great in the day to day but don’t seem capable of communicating and contributing to the overall vision

These issues are often not discussed in organisations, but identifying them gives an opportunity to address the current problem, as well as allowing the business to work on the root causes of frustration.