Why This Week Matters In Pay Equality

This week the USA has reached pay equality this week.  Perhaps not in the way you hoped, but this week everyone will be staring work knowing that since January 1 2014, they’ve earned as much as a white non-hispanic male earned between January 1 and December 31 2014.  OK, so it’s taken Latina women an extra 10 months of work to get there, and white males will of course have those extra 10 months of salary to celebrate with.


We do hear about average pay gaps between men and women quite often, but sometimes the gaps in pay equality that are seen between races get forgotten.  This handy chart shows how far into 2015 female Americans had to work to match white male earnings, broken down by race.

How does your organisation stack up on equal pay?

If anyone has a similar chart for Europe/EU/UK gaps, we’d be interested to see how it compares.