Which Learning Style Are You?

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The four major Styles of Learning are defined as:

The Activist Style
People who favour an “Activist” style like to be “doing” and have a desire to get the task and project done – now. Possess a strong need to involve themselves deeply in the particular activity or subject of study under review, they enjoy the new and the excitement of the future and any occasion to brainstorm ideas to solve a problem as part of a team. They delight in developing relationships with others in the process of learning.

The Reflective Style
People who favour a “Reflective” style like to have the opportunity to think and consider each subject in depth, to consider deeply anything that they have read. Their depth of understanding is increased by carrying out in advance, desk research, use of the internet, books and articles on the same subject are often followed up before their own ideas and conclusions are confirmed. They do not find it easy or effective to learn quickly or at a “fly by the seat of the pants” training event.

The Theorist
StylePeople who favour a “Theorist” style like to see the logic of what they are about to be taught. They learn best where there is a structure and an outcome with a clear purpose. They enjoy seeing that the end result(s) has a conclusion or is part of a system, model or concept.

The Pragmatic Style
People who favour a “Pragmatic” style like to see a direct connection between the learning and some valued outcome or result. They often benefit from a detailed action plan that will help them to identify this connection and motivate them to work at their learning for the sake of the good results that they can expect and expect in the future.

Which one will best suit each member of your team? The modern manager needs to be a coach to be able to get the very best from the teams they manage and to achieve higher performance for their organisations.