What Will You Do With Your Extra Day?

Tomorrow you have an extra day, the leap year has arrived to give you more time. How could you productively use these 24 hours?

  1. Clear every back log, log jam, to do list, outstanding issues, not quite got round to it tasks. You could come in on Monday completely up to date and it didn’t eat into your weekend at all.
  2. Sleep. Catch up on all the hours you’ve stolen from sleeping since Christmas.
  3. Do good works for the day. Give your most valuable commodity, time, to people who would benefit.
  4. Go and see a relative, friend, neighbour that you’ve perhaps neglected. Take them a small gift. You will make their day, perhaps their week.
  5. Go and look at some art. Its good for the soul.
  6. Walk a long way, great for stress busting, pick somewhere with a good pub at the end.
  7. Clean the house from top to bottom. This is a boring task, you’ll feel good at the end and it will free up the whole weekend.
  8. Go green. Do nothing that leaves a carbon footprint.
  9. Waste the day, veg out, watch day time TV, ignore the guilt.
  10. Go to work; treat it like a normal day.

Most people will do number 10. Depressed unhappy people will do number 9 feeling guilty, which is a shame because it’s a whole extra day.