What We’re Reading – The Goal

Title: The Goal
Author: Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Jeff Cox
Publisher: Gower Publishing Ltd; 3Rev Ed edition (17 Nov 2004)
ISBN: 0566086654

The Goal is a classic management text book, although it doesn’t really read that way. Written instead as a novel, almost a detective story, it takes you through management problems from the perspective of the people involved.

Rather than focussing on the theory behind decisions, problems and opportunities, The Goal looks at the practical realities.

Drawing lessons from encounters with old friends, family and how to cope with a cub scout who likes to be prepared, The Goal is more like The Da Vinci Code than The Wealth Of Nations. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain insights, and have parallels that can help you to understand some of your key business issues, whether you’re in manufacturing or not.

The Goal is quick and easy to read, and gives the reader easily digestible ideas, as well as new perspectives on how they can learn about business.