What We’re Playing: Princes of Florence

In Princes of Florence players compete to attract the best, most talented professionals to work in their part of Florence. Starting with a restricted budget and a limited number of opportunities to enhance their particular Palazzo, to attract new employees the game tests player’s strategic thinking, bargaining and planning skills as well as assessing their judgement.
The best employees produce their best work when they are happy (worth remembering in the workplace). Players earn both more money and more prestige through commissioning the best works. To ensure that you get the best chance of winning you’ll need to attract professionals by offering them an attractive working environment, state of the art facilities and freedom to express themselves in the ways they feel most strongly about.
Whilst the game is set in Renaissance Florence, the principles hold just as true today in business parks in Slough, office blocks in Manchester and warehouses in Edinburgh.  Give Princes of Florence a try before you next think about how you go about attracting new employees, retaining them and becoming the employer of choice in your area. It may just give you a few ideas.