Value Chain Capital

Each business and market segment has its own unique value chain consisting of the combined activities that make up the internal business and external market environment. Segmenting the market place and developing a deep understanding and perspective of the unique value chain enables clients to identify key dynamics that can be optimised to allow the exploitation and development of Value Chain Capital.


Creating Value In The Future Value Chain

Identifying and leveraging changes in market dynamics, provides the opportunity to create new market space and establish dominant positions with the future value chain.

Market Expansion Through Positioning

Highlights opportunities to move across the value chain to gain greater presence and leverage. This provides the opportunity to increase revenue, through adopting new value chain positions.

Share The Customers Value Chain

Identify opportunities for increased customer intimacy by understanding the customers value chain and embedding the business into strategic ‘partnering’ positions within their operations. Thereby increasing customer relationships to enjoy a ‘shared future’ status.


Optimise Routes To Market

  • Selecting and optimising routes to market, developing a strategic action plan for each option.
  • Identifying and removing non-value added Route to Market activities and players.

Incremental Efficiency Improvements:

  • Identifying and optimising duplication between internal value chains
  • Highlighting and addressing excessive supplier power or alternatives across the value chain
  • Understanding competitor resource allocations within their internal Value Chains and the resulting strengths and weaknesses.