Turning Difficult Customers Into Lifelong Fans

Do difficult times produce difficult customers or have they just always been there? We recently received this unsolicited testimonial from a participant on one of our sales training courses.

“I took the bull by the horns and contacted my ‘difficult customer’. I used open questions to all his objections, utilised the cycle technique and pinned him down to an appointment. Success! ……… it has made me realise, that the techniques learned on the course, do actually work. I thought you would like to know this.”

On the course in question (Selling…The Essentials For Success) we had spent some time looking at specific issues affecting sales people and the ‘difficult customer’ kept coming up. Maybe we have a preconception that the ‘difficult customer’ is a particular type of creature that needs handling in a particular kind of way? Or do we just overlook why that person is a ‘difficult customer’ in the first place?

On the course we looked at different ways to approach new and potential customers where everything from understanding your Unique Selling Point to your personal presentation, makes the best possible impact and pre-empts any ‘difficult’ responses. We also explored the relationship-building elements to sales and different techniques to help maintain strong, supportive and mutually beneficent relationships that minimise the possible areas for confrontation.

Of course, receiving this sort of testimonial is always very rewarding and it was no coincidence that we had also discussed the strategic importance of obtaining references and referrals from existing customers. One of the most powerful ways of moving your business forward is through the recommendations of your happiest customers. If they are delighted with you, they will be your best advocates. We discussed ways of getting testimonials and their place in your approach to promoting yourself, your offer and your business. But the unsolicited ones are by far the most satisfying!

If you feel that you would benefit from help in turning your difficult customers into lifelong fans why not give us a call to talk through some options. Or perhaps you’d like to attend our Selling…The Essentials For Success course?