“To Close Or Not To Close, That Is The Question!”

More sales are lost at the closing stages than at any other time, often because the salesperson does not know what to say.

Even when the techniques are known to them, they will frequently still hesitate – just through the fear of being turned down.

Here are some tips on when and how to close a sale:

  1. The first step is to be aware of Buying Signals:These signals may be verbal or physical – any time the prospect indicates approval, or agreement with what you are saying.
  2. When you get a buying signal – ask a Closing Question:These are questions to which a positive answer commits them to buying from you. Note: a question – not just another statement.
  3. When you have asked a closing question – Wait for the Answer.  Wait however long it takes – there is pressure in silence.

Your relationship will not suffer by asking them to buy – because they know you are there to sell and they expect you to ask.

You need to be tough – minded about closing. This does not mean being overbearing or hard-boiled or using high pressure tactics.

The basic rule is:

To Close a Sale – Ask a Closing Question

  • Because questions call for answers
  • And answers call for decisions

Close the Sale with Confidence in Your Product, Your Company and Yourself.

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