Time Management – Not That Old Chestnut!

If all the training requests that come in to learning and development departments following appraisal rounds were voting slips then it’s pretty easy to guess where the landslide would fall – Time Management.

People in organisations across the UK struggle to manage their time, and they feel that their employers should do more to help them address the need. Many even view a Time Management course as a good way to pick up a nice new diary system on the company budget. Yet when a series of courses are laid on to meet the expressed need the drop out rate is huge.

It’s an unfortunate truism that people who most need to learn more about time management cancel time management courses at short notice because they just don’t have the time to attend.

A customer joked with us recently that he’d love to run an assertiveness programme for many of his employees, but the people who needed the input just weren’t assertive enough to put their names forward for the course.

Other employees in other organisations are using aggressive and bullying behaviour to get what they want. Meanwhile their HR teams are dealing with increasing stress related absences, harassment and constructive dismissal claims from employees who have suffered as a result of inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. These employees wouldn’t dream of attending an assertiveness skills workshop as they see such programmes as being for ‘wimps’, and may even find that their managers reinforce that view. However, their learning need is just as great.