Think Global, Act Global

Organisations are increasingly taking on a global feel. This newsletter will go to customers around the world, all of whom are facing issues of how to get the most from their people, how to organise themselves to perform better, and how to attract, grow and retain talented people.

Yet very often different approaches are used in different countries, or even different regions or departments within the same country, not because local labour (labor!) laws require it, or even out of cultural sensitivity, but because that’s just the way it is and the HR teams responsible in each area want to run it their way.

Where HR teams really do think globally, and work together in cross national teams, real synergies are released in terms of greater efficiency, and improved best practice as great ideas are ‘stolen with pride’ and implemented across the organisation.

Trends in employee behaviour or legislative frameworks spotted in one region very often become global in an increasingly short period of time, so taking notice and taking action early can deliver real competitive advantage for employers.

The biggest advantage we’ve seen is the increasing mobility of all employees in global organisations, once they see HR leading the way. The development of high quality people for future leadership requires international exposure, and a culture of flexible global working with processes that are recognisable makes planning succession an exciting opportunity rather than a daunting task.