The Ten Blockages to Learning at Work

Over the last thirty years colleagues have been frustrated at organisations not supporting their employees in learning, managers who feel training their people is a waste of money and individuals who believe that attending training or having coaching is a waste of their time.

It’s not surprising to hear that people complain about other people not seeing how important their job and the service they offer are.  What we did find surprising, looking back over a third of a century of comments from scores of trainers about hundreds of organisations and thousands of individuals was just how consistent they were over time.

We had a look at the comments and grouped them into ten clear themes of why people don’t want to invest time, money and head-space into learning at work.  Which of these apply to you, your teams and your organisation?


Perpetual                              *not seeing there is a problem

Cultural                                  *the way things are here….

Emotional                             *fear or insecurity

Motivational                          *unwillingness to take the risk

Cognitive                               *poor previous learning experience

Intellectual                            *limited learning styles

Expressive                            *poor communication skills

Situational                             *lack of opportunities

Physical                                *wrong place, time

Specific environment          *boss/colleagues unsupportive


What truths do you think would resonate across the decades in your industry and workplace?