The Recession Is Now A Year Old

The recession is now a year old (happy birthday?) and during that year employees have been under pressure. Pressure to deliver results with reduced budgets, pressure to bring in new business when leads have dried up, pressure from seeing friends and colleagues leaving their business and those of their customers and suppliers through redundancy and pressure to keep working.

People react differently under pressure, some thrive whilst others worry and some become aggressive or irrational. Individual responses create a real challenge for managers to get the best out of people without creating a stressful environment. The responses of managers themselves go a long way towards setting the tone of the organisation and the mood of employees.

That tone will itself set the pace of recovery. Employees who feel supported and motivated will seek out new opportunities and take calculated risks to win business and out service the competition. Employees who feel that the best approach is to keep their heads down and look busy without rocking the boat won’t be in the forefront of a recovering economy.

Checking the climate in your business and taking steps to ensure that managers know which behaviours will get the best out of people has never been more important. Predaptive’s 360° feedback system gives you the insight you need to identify pockets of excellence, as well as those areas which need development. It provides individual managers with a clear action plan of how they can improve their day to day interactions to get more out of their teams as well as peers, meanwhile all employees benefit from feeling increasingly valued and listened to.

Utilising your bespoke feedback you can be sure that any investment in development is absolutely focused on areas of need, providing a clear path to return on investment.