The ‘I’ In Team

We often hear that “There’s no ‘I’ in team”, a nice idea, but the reality is that teams are made up of individuals and individuals need to feel a sense of personal achievement as well as a sense of belonging. Team success is sometimes made up of a series of individual successes.
Britain’s most successful sporting team at the moment is a collection of individuals who compete for themselves, in small teams and for the wider team. British Cycling cleaned up at the recent World Track Championships, winning nine gold medals, three times as many as their nearest rival.

This wasn’t done without huge individual effort and determination, yet nor was it possible without a huge team effort. British Cycling have focused their efforts on pulling together a team of outstanding individuals, not just the ones in Lycra. They have sought out technical leaders to redesign the bikes, nutritionists and personal trainers and even a psychologist who has his days at Rampton as a highlight on his CV. Each of these people makes a contribution which is publicly applauded by the people on the podium.

Real team development isn’t about crushing individual ambition and success for the sake of the team, but about balancing that talent against the needs of the whole. If you’d like to talk about how you can balance your team dynamics contact us.