The Halo Effect Writ Large

Interviewing Skills 101 instils the need to look beyond the stereotypes you might have in your head about someone, looking past the weedy handshake or the really smart outfit to see the person beyond.  It’s too easy to spot the school that someone went to, or that someone likes ballet, line dancing or a mosh pit and make a set of assumptions about them.


Canon took a group of photographers and asked them to capture the essence of a subject in a single portrait.  They made some truly spectacular photographs, each capturing exactly what they saw in the person in front of them.  They’d each been given a little information about their subject, one photographed a self-made millionaire, another a fisherman, one got an ex-con, another a recovering alcoholic.  Here’s what they came up with …

What would your portraits of your team look like? What would their photograph of you convey?