The Evolution Of Performance

Businesses are all looking for the perfect performance management systems, either looking for the ultimate process, the ideal software or the most elegant paperwork.

Unfortunately, developing each of those takes time, and can result in a constant loop of careful refining and redesigning, resulting in a very nearly perfect approach which never gets released in to the business to make a positive difference to performance.

It’s not surprising that so many well intentioned performance management projects stall or end up as unusable fudges.

The stumbling block seems to be the perceived need to get everything up and running perfectly in one neat project. Performance management just doesn’t work that way in organisations that have been used to working in previously different ways.

Effective performance management implementation takes time, and the first objective of a performance management change programme is to get people thinking and talking about performance.

When people know how to set objectives well, they’ll do it, working with employees to ensure they’re relevant and meaningful. Once they understand how to assess and rate performance they’ll do so, having regular conversations about it to make sure that nothing comes as a surprise. When people feel confident about giving objective, constructive feedback, you can’t stop them doing it.

Performance management processes and administration support can evolve over time to ensure that they deliver maximum impact across the organisation, but in order to evolve they need to be out in the wild, being used, adapted and improved in the business environment. So if waiting for perfect performance management solution has is keeping you from building a performance culture, talk to Predaptive about how we can help you get your people performing.