The Compelling Business Case

With selling very much on the agenda , customers are increasingly looking to buy great value. When you’re up against stiff competition, making sure you’ve got a compelling business case for your offer can make the difference between making the sale and missing out. We’ve developed this in-house course to help your salespeople make the most of every selling opportunity.
This workshop has been developed for managers who have commercial responsibility and need a better grasp of the key business issues that must be addressed in a business case. It is a very practical course that will be immediately applicable in your business.

What You Will Learn

  • The key questions and areas you should be addressing
  • Analysing and utilising information within your reporting pack
  • Developing a business case that focuses on ‘fact based selling’
  • Linking your ‘story’ to key corporate strategies

Workshop Content


  • The principles of investment appraisal
  • The key ROI methodologies used
  • Quantification of benefits (hard, soft & intangible)
  • Best, worst & likely cases – Sensitivity analysis
  • Case study


  • The effective and high impact questions you need to ask to prepare your business case
  • Business case structures & templates
  • The key areas you must focus on: costs, margins & sales volumes
  • The consequences of not getting your business case approved
  • Translating business issues into business solutions


  • Presentations that have focus & impact
  • Focusing on the requirements of your audience
  • Identifying & delivering key messages with clarity & consistency


  • The opportunity to present your business case to an audience of senior managers – and receive constructive feedback on whether it was compelling!