The Benefits Of An Effective Performance Management System

Performance Management executed professionally can transform an organisations’ ability to drive sales growth:


The Benefits
It stimulates a success orientated culture that constantly reinforces itself = high standards and desire for ‘stretch’ performance
It aligns the individual’s performance to organisational goals = greater energy around goals and targets
It supports the building of individuals’ strengths and potential = increases peoples self-esteem
The clarity around success / failure stimulates deeper engagement between the individual and the organisation = improves morale and ’emotional’ stakeholding in the business
It aligns and reinforces the individuals expectations with the organisations expectations = performance counts because there are positive and negative consequences
It creates awareness of the progress that everyone is making toward established goals = higher ownership stimulates personal ‘stretch’ performance
It identifies performance problems early, to allow for the generation of possible solutions and a plan to improve performance = because performance matters more, people get passionate about their own (and others) performance
It can provide effective data for feeding into other people related issues like; resource planning, new role requirements, training, management development and succession planning = significantly improves organisatoinal capabilities and shows the organisation to be serious about supporting people’s career development