The AIDA Sales Approach

Preparation is important with everything in selling, but nowhere is planning so essential as when making an approach to a new prospect.


Every Call will be difficult – according to the product or service you are offering and the benefits involved.

Use the following format to control your Call but remain flexible within the overall sequence:


Tell the prospect why you are there, in a way that starts to show ‘what’s in it for him or her’ to listen to you:

  • show that you know something about them and their company or industry. Make clear that you have done some homework.
  • suggest that you could be of help. This could take the form of the very General Benefits Statement – ‘The Carrot’

Ask Open Questions to established their needs and to determine which of your products and benefits are of most significance to them.



Relate the specific needs which you have established to the benefits which you have to offer. Decide which of your products is relevant.

Clearly define the prospect’s objectives – what he/she wants to achieve.

Then show him or her how your product or service can meet these objectives. Namely to either:

  • solve a problem
  • fulfil a need
  • supply a want


Get the agreement of your prospect on what happens next.

Through Closed Questions get commitment to the next stage of the Sales Plan.