Telephone Selling

Police Phone Box

The telephone remains an essential part of selling. The telephone provides great opportunities, and it presents particular challenges – which explains why many sales people are successful face-to-face but not on the telephone.

Telephone selling is a highly specialised form of selling. It is more than just selling by use of the telephone. The absence of body language means we must rely on our voice only. Many salespeople who are good face-to-face, are poor on the telephone.

Time is compressed on the telephone. Seconds seem like minutes. Minutes seem like hours. This means we need skills to compensate for the lack of time.

This intensive and practical course provides the key skills needed.

Who Should Attend
All new telephone salespeople or those who wish to improve/refresh their ability to sell using the telephone.

1 Day

Selling Skills (Telephone Selling) – Course Objectives

Participants will learn:

    • the key challenges and benefits of telephone selling
    • how to prepare for a call and take advantage of the telephone environment
    • how to open the call and ‘set the scene’ for an effective call
    • to ask effective questions to uncover and develop needs
    • to match customer needs by aspects of the product/service, in a manner that moves towards agreement
    • how to get agreement in a conversational manner and handle any objections/questions that arise
    • the key post-call activities.

Selling Skills (Telephone Selling) – Course Outline

The role of the telephone
The advantages and disadvantages of selling on the telephone

Taking advantage of the telephone
Call objectives and materials

Opening The Call
The Call Structure
Building rapport

Finding And Developing Needs
Question Structure
Designing questions

Matching Needs And Presenting Solutions
The Benefit Sequence
Developing a personal Style
‘Trial Close’

Getting Agreement
Reaching agreement in a professional manner
Handling objections/reservations

Post Call Activities