Talking Turkey

This week the nation’s eyes were focused on a turkey farm in East Anglia. With an outbreak of avian influenza and the accompanying outbreak of news reports, insight pieces and radio phone-ins, the employees and residents were overwhelmed.


Not every organisation will face that kind of media intrusion into their dealings, nor will they have to deal with the kind of disaster that means decisive action is needed on quite the same scale, or with the public interest so clearly at the forefront.

This kind of major event can really demonstrate the power of leadership within an organisation or the lack of it. Organisations with real leadership at all levels will respond quickly, but without panic, and will bring their employees and customers with them. Without effective leadership, cover ups, disagreements and conflicting messages confuse and disrupt employees and customers, damaging employee relations and customer relationships.

Before deciding whether your organisation has the leadership it needs in place, in the places it needs it, it’s worth thinking about what leadership means in your business:

  • Does your organisation have a clear language of leadership?
  • Are leadership expectations transparent throughout the organisation?
  • To what extent is leadership identified and rewarded?
  • Where are your leaders coming from?


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