Tales From The Riverbank – Sales Version

What we have learned from our travels in the UK this year:

  1. When you have had your Starbucks type refuelling stop and are getting up to leave always look back at the table and chair you were sitting in. Often something will be left behind. This also works well in taxis.
  2. In hotel rooms always check the room radio alarm isn’t set; some peoples’ idea of fun is to set it for a ridiculously early time before they vacate the room.
  3. McDonalds free Wi-Fi is great – it works in the car parks as well.
  4. The luggage racks on Virgin Pendalinos are very comfortable in sit in – don’t ask how this came to be known.
  5. The toilets on these trains are very scary with their easy access doors. It’s not happened (yet), but the idea that the door, which is the whole wall, could slide open if you press the wrong button creates unnecessary frisson.
  6. Flying with Flybe is not the most pleasant experience. Reliability very poor. Eight flights this year all delayed, or through poor service process, more stressful than they should be.
  7. The reasons people give when they are late for meetings make Reggie Perrin’s excuses seem very boring.
  8. Sat Nav does not compensate for people with no sense of geography. People have ended up in some very strange places.
  9. City Inn and Village hotels are now giving Malmaison a run for their money in the mid market sector. Hotel Du Vin very good. At the budget end, Premier Inn and TravelLodge very variable. At the top end, The Grove at Watford consistently good.
  10. The M1 carriageway widening around Nottingham creates the most boring 14 miles of driving, and often causes bad hold ups as well. Also, being sandwiched by three lorries all doing exactly 50mph in driving rain is not boring but it’s not much fun either.

Stop Press: The A46 M40 junction improvements are almost complete, the new flyover is now open!