The Three Saddest Words in the English Language

After extensive research and listening to hundreds of interviews, appraisal meetings, and performance reviews we can confirm that the three saddest words in the English language are … [geoads2] Coulda… […]

Are You Recruiting New People?

If so, how quickly do you expect new starters to recoup their full recruitment and ongoing employment costs? [geoads2] New starters joining an organisation actually want the same thing as […]

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Warren Buffett’s Memo To Managers

As usual, some wise words from Warren Buffett in a memo sent to his senior managers last year.  We’ve underlined one sentence we think sums up a (the?) critical requirement of anybody […]

Like A Rock

The last couple of weeks have seen unprecedented behaviour in the UK banking sector. Banks seem nervous of lending to each other, and commentators struggle to explain LIBOR, SIVs and […]