Competency Frameworks

What Is A Competency? The term competency is now generally defined as the behaviours that employees must have, or must acquire, to input into a situation in order to achieve […]

Developing The Best Kind of Customer Service People

First things first; Smile training doesn’t work. A one-day programme covering how to serve customers better, establish rapport and ‘show you care’ doesn’t deliver any real change or lasting benefit. […]

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Ten Metres of Courage

Swedish directors Maximilien Van Aertryck and Axel Danielson  have made a wonderful little film that highlights human emotions in a totally unexpected way.  The premise is simple enough, people at a swimming baths in […]

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Eleven Smart Questions To Ask

When you feel a little stuck in a meeting or interview, it’s great to have some go to questions that get the other person talking and give you the kind […]

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80 Ideas for Sales Meetings

Sales Managers are often nervous of kicking off yet another dry sales meeting.  Here’s some ideas that recent participants have shared for adding an element of discussion and debate at sales […]

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How To Ask High-Leverage Questions

High- Leverage questions are a unique kind of open-ended question.  They require people to do more than respond and carry on a conversation—they require people to engage in high-level thinking […]