Summer Reading Brought To You By Our Twitter Feed

Below we’ve pulled together some Tweets of ours that have either made us think, opened our eyes/ears, or just made us smile. We hope you find them as enjoyable.


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Thought provoking lecture on one possible internet future

What kind of writer are you? Austin or Collins Proust or Archer

Provoking (for the West) piece by Andy Grove on how the separation of invention & production is affecting employment

Creativity is declining, fascinating Newsweek article explaining why, and what can be done

Every organisations’ culture has a political dimension. See hear just how (damagingly?) political the Vatican’s is

Uplifting story from Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO – really intelligent people take note

Great graphic that shows how Google works, simplicity is very complex

See London Underground trains in real time moving across London – a further glimpse of our technology future

BP oil spill coming to an office near you

Great evening listening. Music manipulation, everything swings!! – White Rabbit is brilliant

Students of CEO guru nonsense look no further. Ray Dalio Bridgewater Hedge fund legend has 200 principles. A taste here.

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