Structured Training Open Courses Receive CPD Accreditations

All of our Courses are now CPD Accredited (Continuing Professional Development). The world in which all professionals practice is changing. Global competition has never been more intense, clients are more demanding and technology offers new ways of working. The knowledge base of the professionals and of the sectors in which they operate has also increased. With such changes come new opportunities; new clients, new markets, new areas of practice and new methods of working. Above all such changes demand new knowledge, new skills and increasingly a commitment to lifelong professional learning.
Training & CPD are:

  • Linked both to organisational strategy and individual needs
  • Viewed as an investment in human resource management
  • Focused on the job training and skills development into knowledge-based training
  • Evaluated with both pre-and post course assessment
  • About learning as opposed to training
  • Transferred into action in the workplace
  • Flexible in application including open, distance and self-development approaches

So what does this mean to you?

  • This is a nationally recognised qualification through the CIPD
  • It’s used by all professions to catalogue what their members have been doing to demonstrate they’re still learning and staying up to date. It’s compulsory for people like lawyers, CIPD members, accountants etc.