Strategic Development… For Sales Leaders Who Want To Up The Pace

The purpose of the organisation defines many aspects of its performance. People become energised and motivated not simply by a set of financial targets but for reasons that connect with their own aspirations and needs. These reasons come from an understanding of the organisation’s purpose.

Purpose equals vision. Vision is the motive force that drives organisations forward. The vision can be used to inform strategy. Strategy is not vision. Strategy is the means by which the vision is brought closer (vision is not usually achievable, but aspirational).

Vision with strategy combines the aspirational with practical. The ‘why’ with the ‘how’.

Strategic Thinking Comes Before Strategic Planning

One of the biggest impediments to strategic planning is the lack of Strategic Thinking. Strategy is not a reductive process to fill out a set of models or methods. A Strategic Planning Framework is a very useful aid but without any Strategic Thinking the outputs will not be anything to do with strategy.

One way of seeing this problem is when management confuse strategy with making things work better. Strategy is not ‘improving quality by 10% or just increasing market share by x%’. Strategy is about defining tomorrow, then defining today, and finally making a plan to connect the two.

As a sales director or sales manager who is responsible for the future of their sales organisations, our High Performance Sales Management course will encourage you to differentiate between an operational and strategic sales mind set. The course will be of particular benefit to sales professionals who are familiar with the ‘classic fundamentals’ of sales management and are looking to build on that learning in a modern context.