Starting The Year Right

In January people tend to think through their learning and development plans for the year. The danger is that the people who look after learning and development for their organisations find themselves responding to the same old training needs. They can either do more of the same or, as is often the case, simply look for a newly packaged way of delivering the same thing. Unfortunately, by delivering the same solutions people will end up with the same outcomes.

A more successful approach is to think about the learning framework, focussing less on the training and more on what the organisation needs from its people, and what they need from it.

Designing learning around what’s important to the organisation and makes far more sense than designing it around what the training department feels comfortable with and participants ask for because they know that other people have been through the same programmes.

Real results from learning come when people are involved and engaged with their learning, seeing a real link between any training they do and their objectives, their appraisal, their employability and most importantly their long term success. Participants who can contribute to the organisation’s learning and help to define what’s needed for themselves for the future demonstrate real commitment not only to learning, but also to the organisation.

We can help your organisation get off the training roundabout and onto a real learning journey with your own learning academy. To find out more contact us.