Speed To Competence

If you are recruiting you will need to think about inducting/onboarding your highly motivated, keen to learn, potential sales stars of the future. However, within three months your new recruits will have become institutionalised, demonstrating the standard distribution of performance – 20% doing really well, 20% doing really badly and 60% contributing to the existing average by being, well, average. What happened?


Odds are the induction didn’t align with the ‘advertised’ interview rhetoric or the reality people found when they joined their new front line colleagues. Typical induction processes do not engender fast delivery of the required performance – what we call ‘Speed To Competence’. New sales people joining an organisation actually want the same thing as their leaders – to become as successful as possible as quickly as possible, and to be effective and happy in their work. The right induction process harnesses the new recruits’ high levels of motivation, their willingness to learn and their desire to impress, and then channels it through a high impact, experiential learning environment. This creates not only improved profitability in the short term, but also accelerates employee engagement and motivation over the longer term.

Key Questions:

  • How quickly do you expect new recruits to recoup their full recruitment and ongoing employment costs?
  • How quickly do you expect them to reach the average performance standards?
  • How long does it take them to be in the top 20% – doing really well?
  • How quickly do you expect new recruits to set new sales performance/productivity standards

What Does Structured Training’s Speed To Competence Deliver?


  • Integrate your organisation’s purpose and culture into the required working practices, creating a real seam of consistency from the board-room to the frontline.
  • Embed sales best practice from day one. The right things being done in the right way.
  • Establish a high ownership, high accountability norm. Salespeople doing what it takes, not just doing what they’re told.
  • Create a value-adding, pro-active, high-performing work tempo
  • Give people the confidence to challenge the status quo but always from the credible position of being a significant contributorIncrease engagement and motivation through clear expectations and commitment to common objectives
  • Equip sales managers and sales directors to be effective role-models and coaches, creating a sales culture as obsessed about Critical Success Factors (inputs) as Key Performance Indicators (outputs)