So…You Would Call Yourself A Sales Leader?

To find out answer these questions:

Your company has just been taken over by a larger concern. The performance of your sales team has dropped and some are looking for other jobs. You know that they are looking to you for leadership.

  1. Re-organise the team to more closely match the perceived needs of the new organisation.
  2. Praise the team for the good work they have done in the past. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for the new regime and confidence in the future.
  3. Articulate your vision of the future of the organisation. Affirm the corporate values and demonstrate what the positive implications are.
  4. Discuss the issues one by one and persuade the team that they are unfounded and offer to negotiate on their behalf with the new management.

You run a newly formed sales team. You and your team are as yet unsure as to their roles and responsibilities.

  1. Call a meeting with your team and tell them what their KPIs should be and allocate tasks accordingly.
  2. Call a meeting with your boss, then discuss and agree what the KPIs should be for the team in the wider organisational context.
  3. Focus the role and responsibilities of the team on the corporate objectives and set KPIs that reflect these.
  4. Discuss with and ascertain from your team what KPIs they would find most stimulating within the broad context of their roles, and develop the team’s objectives from this start point.

One of your senior sales people has some people management responsibilities (who is fairly new to the company) is very autocratic in his approach. You understand that he approaches the job in this way because he feels that this is what the company wants, ie to achieve results one must drive sales people.

  1. Discuss the situation with him and offer him a management training course.
  2. Tell him that you want him to manage more democratically and agree a plan of action with him.
  3. Persuade him that his career will benefit more from a democratic style than an autocratic one.
  4. Share with him the corporate beliefs in democracy, trust, self-motivation and development.

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