Some Inspirational Reading/Viewing for Christmas

For one of the most effective lessons in tactical leadership you’ll ever experience, use your Christmas holiday to either read the book or watch the DVD box set of Band of Brothers. Historian Stephen Ambrose and co-producer Steven Spielberg follow the US 101st Airborne Division’s “Easy” E-Company from initial training through D-Day and across Holland, Belgium, Germany and Austria until the end of the war.

This true story gives a leadership master class in demonstrating the following:

    1. Leadership is about action not position. It is about leading by example and doing things rather than pontificating, procrastinating or passing the buck.
    2. Putting the welfare of your people before your personal well being. This is becoming a very rare characteristic in the self serving, self promoting world of many organisations.
    3. Integrity. There is a line real leaders won’t cross, regardless of personal safety, career advancement or loss of popularity.
    4. Using personal values to inform the way you treat people. The golden rule is a good start. Treat others as you would expect to be treated.
    5. Breaking (bad) rules. To know how to spot the difference see points 3 and 4.
    6. Understanding that power confers responsibilities not privileges.
    7. Being a role model for your team. Never asking them to do something you either don’t or wouldn’t do yourself.

The strength of this leadership produces some very positive benefits, phenomenal loyalty to your colleagues, great team spirit, and a real feeling of togetherness and mutual support.

Not only is it a great business coaching tool but also personally inspiring. Highly recommended.