So You Want To Be a Consultant?

Core Consultancy Behaviours

Effective consultants need:


  • Profound understanding of customer needs
  • Systematic analysis of the true priorities and problems within these generic needs
  • Ability to position products/services against these customer priorities
    • To multiple levels of the customer organisation
    • To all relevant members of the “decision making unit”
  • Understanding of:
    • the customer’s experience level
    • their attitude to risk
    • real or perceived “idea adoption” factors
  • Empathy – the ability to “stand in the customer’s shoes”
  • Ability to see the essential value of the sales proposition
    • In terms of the underlying business case
    • In terms of the specific non-financial benefits
    • In terms of the subjective personal benefits to DMU members
  • Relational abilities:
    • “Win-win” attitude
    • Partnership mentality
    • Communication to customers varying in knowledge, experience and certainty
  • Resilience in an extended Idea Adoption Process


If you think you’ll make the grade then measure yourself against this core skills, build your knowledge and experience and get going.