Seven Steps to Sales Competencies

If the talent of your sales organisation follows the usual distribution curve you will have a few star performers, a few poor performers and the majority there or there about occupying the middle ground.

What if you could shift the curve towards the top performers? Think what a difference it would make if a sizable majority; perhaps even half of your sales people were achieving their stretch targets?

A tool that can have a significant impact on achieving that pleasant position is sales competencies. Any job can be ‘unpacked’ into its constituent parts, what you might term the success drivers. These are competencies.

A competency is an amalgam of skills, experience, knowledge and mind-set. Identifying what those are creates a real sense of direction for personal development, training, coaching, performance management and succession planning.


How do you establish what are the required competencies for your sales organisation?

  1. Firstly collect all the existing data that will help inform competence development: Job descriptions, role profiles, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), success/failure criteria etc.
  2. Complete a role review covering all standards of performance
  3. Model exemplar performance, activities and behaviours
  4. Codify findings into a competency framework
  5. Include descriptors and behavioural indicators
  6. Test for relevancy
  7. Use to inform recruitment, promotion, performance management, role development and coaching