Selling…Innovations in Influence

Our new sales course is the product of our research into what’s really working for sales people in the field right now, bringing the best practices we’ve seen together with the theoretical framework to create a two-day sales course that gives sales people the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to influence more effectively, creating greater sales opportunities and allowing them to capitalise on those opportunities.


Selling…Innovations in Influence Course Overview

Getting noticed, creating traction and motivating clients / prospects to move forward us is a core responsibility of sales & business development. Beyond the essential skills of identifying needs and presenting solutions, there are a myriad of things we can do to influence clients to buy from us. This workshop brings you the latest discoveries from modern psychology about what motivates us to buy, will enable you to apply them in your sales / marketing context.

Selling…Innovations in Influence Course Objectives

After attending this course, participants will have the ability to:
• Understand the biases we have when buying products / services
• Understand how we are influenced in buying decisions
• Use 10 concrete approaches to positively influence clients
• Consider how to incorporate them in the full sales cycle
• Design more effective sales calls by being innovative
• Design product launches based on sound influence principles
• Apply the influence principles to networking and client contact
• Be more aware of how the approaches are used on you
• Negotiate more effectively through the use of conditioning and anchoring
• Design company sales processes with best practice influence in mind.

Selling…Innovations in Influence Course Programme


Innovations in Influence 
Why has psychological research become invaluable to sales?
The influence-able human – are we truly objective?

Our own inherent biases 
Focusing on negatives
Prospect theory – fear of loss
Confirmation bias, or reinforcing what we already know
Our social biases
Herd thinking and following the crowd
Liking others / attractiveness
Reciprocity and social obligation

Our biases for experts / authority
Doing what we are told – saying YES to authority
Using key opinion influencers (KOLs)

Our negotiation biases
Conditioning and priming to influence perceptions
Anchoring to lead value negotiations in our favour
Scarcity as an approach to create demand

Designing sales calls
Constructing sales calls in order to stand out, gain traction
Make every client meeting an event!
Conscious application of the methods and sequencing

Designing innovative sales processes / product launches
Reviewing the whole customer experience / journey
Innovation in the sales process
Using influence methods as part of the marketing mix
Applying in influence methods for new product launches