Selling To Difficult People

Being competent in selling is no longer enough. If we do not have ability to build relationships and handle the difficult situations, then long-term sales, repeat sales and cash collection is affected. 


Problems may occur in both pre and post-sales. As products/services become more advanced and customers become more demanding, the type of problem becomes more sophisticated. As organisations become more complex, the varying different personal interests cause conflict. This course provides the key skills, techniques and strategies needed for success.

Who Should Attend
Anyone who needs to deal with difficult people and situations

1 Day

Difficult People and Situations – Course Objectives

Participants will learn:

    • to improve their ability in dealing with difficult customers and situations
    • the key skills/habits required to prevent/handle difficult situations
    • when to use particular skills or tactics
    • what to do if their first course of action does not work
    • how to ensure a productive outcome from any conversation


Difficult People and Situations – Course Outline

Problems, Complaints, Difficult Customers
Difficult customers are good news
Problem ownership
The “S.A.S. Follow-through”

Enabling Behaviours
Key factors in preventing problems
Personal style in handling difficult situations
Building the right habits
Behaviours to avoid

Selective Behaviours
Key tactics, behaviour and actions that have value in specific situations

Fallback Behaviour
The different approaches/actions that can be used if the first course of action does not work

How To Say ‘No’
The ‘3E’ Refusal?
Skill beats “giving something away”

Transactional Analysis
Ego States, Transaction Types
Crossed/Complementary Transactions
Using Transactional Analysis