Selling Styles – Which One Are You?

Three glasses of port

9/1 The Pressure Seller:
The main concern of a 9/1 Seller is to get the business, and the customer’s attitude is of secondary importance to this selling style in gaining this objective.They are achievement orientated, proving themselves through high performance. Their sales approach is forceful, and requires the Seller to do most of the talking. They are happiest selling quick turnover goods in non-repeat markets.

1/9 The Customers’ Friend:
The 1/9 Seller believes that if the customer likes and respects the salesperson, and if the product is right, then the order will almost certainly follow. They are sensitive to human relationships, and are primarily motivated by a desire to be liked and to gain approval – and hence avoid rejection. They are good at servicing regular customers, particularly those they like.

1/1 The Order Taker:
The 1/1 Seller appears to have lost interest in active selling, or in the customers themselves. They exist by putting in the minimum of effort to achieve the minimum results that the company will regard as adequate or acceptable. Their aim is survival, and they believe that the buyer must make his own purchasing decision. They may even appear to be quite successful in handling captive accounts, where there is a clear need for the product, and there is little competition.

5/5 The Method Seller:
Although the 5/5 Seller does not seek the highest objectives, they will do a sound job by following established methods of selling and administration routines, with a workable mix of concern for the customer and for the sale. They are competent and reliable in handling new or existing accounts, and may be quite self confident when all is going according to plan.

9/9 The Problem Solver:
The 9/9 Seller places great emphasis on determining the customers’ needs before applying any knowledge of the product and applications. They will seek out new ideas, and listen to all opinions and attitudes which are different from their own. They possess many of the 5/5 characteristics – plus an open and enquiring mind.

Which one would you say best describes you? To find out more about how to develop your selling skills to an even higher professional standard why not attend our Selling… Developing Your Sales Experience.

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