Scary Sales Stories for the Campfire

Want to hear about scary sales people?  Step this way…

  • The sales guy who was spotted asleep at the wheel of his car outside a major customer (missing his appointment) with a copy of Covey’s 7 Habits shielding his face from the sun.
  • The sales guy who couldn’t be bothered to attend the Power of Positive Thinking course.
  • The sales guy who always wondered what autodidactic means?
  • The sales manager who surprised his team with a (and we’re quoting) ‘fantastic motivational bonus’ in this month’s pay packet.
  • A sales director telling her manager to be more consultative.
  • A CEO stating women make great salespeople because they can ‘use special techniques with male buyers’.
  • Two salespeople from different divisions of the same company turning up to see the same customer in ignorance of the others plans? Their meeting in reception that descended into a public row has become a talking point with their customer’s procurement team.
  • The sales director ordering new iPhone 7’s for everyone but being the only one with an iPhone 7 Plus
  • A director saying they wouldn’t be taking a pay rise, getting lots of plaudits, and then quietly and confidentially accepting one when group mandated it should be taken.
  • A very bright person attending a workshop on taking ownership for contributing to sales change and saying (without irony) when leaving the programme, ‘A good day, but we’ll see what happens’.
  • A large number of sales organisations paying a single bonus for achieving the budgeted numbers and wondering why salespeople don’t ‘punch through’ them and go after even higher numbers.
  • A sales manager going customer visiting with a team member, and asking to be picked up at the airport at 10:30 and needing to be back for their flight at  15:30. Their quarter’s performance improvement theme was, you guessed it, productivity.


If you would like to share your howlers go ahead and ass a comment.