Sales Behaviour Versatility & Transactional Analysis

We must increasingly deal with a wide range of behaviour types amongst the customer group. Our success will be increased if our versatility increases.


Increasingly the salesperson must be able to persuade and work with a wide variety of people. This means the salesperson must develop a ‘chameleon’ quality to quickly change behavioural style to match the other person. Over a period of many years salespeople increase their versatility in dealing with the customer types experienced.

This stimulating and practical course provides the key skills needed to accelerate versatility and deal with new customer groups quickly.

Who Should Attend
All new and experienced salespeople.

1 Day

Selling Skills (Sales Behaviour) – Course Objectives

Participants will learn:

  • the underlying principle of Behaviour Analysis and the strengths and weaknesses of their own behaviour type
  • how to identify the behaviour type of other people easily and quickly
  • to modify their behaviour to meet the needs of different groups
  • to handle groups containing mixed behaviour types
  • how to use Transactional Analysis to ensure a productive outcome to any conversation


Selling Skills (Sales Behaviour) – Course Outline

Behaviour Types
Behaviour characteristics
Behaviour groups strengths and weaknesses of each group

Behaviour Identification
Behaviour type clues
Pitfalls in identification

Handling Different Types
Key differences between your type and other types
Versatility factors
‘Meeting’ versatility skills
Each stage in the sales process and how to modify behaviour
Exercise, Discussion

Mixed Behaviour Type Groups
Handling different types in Stand-Up presentations
How good proposals and reports meet the needs of different types

Transactional Analysis
Ego States
Complementary and Crossed Transactions
Ensuring a productive outcome to any conversation