S3: Structured Solution Selling™

The cost of selling activities has increased significantly, and is likely to continue doing so. From purely a financial point of view, it makes good sense to invest in sales activity to achieve not just one sale with a customer, but further sales also and ideally on an ongoing basis.

The purchasing company, meanwhile, is faced with the challenge of deciding which company to select from what, at times, can be a bewildering range of potential suppliers!

For the Professional Salesperson, this offers an opportunity: by understanding the challenges facing the customer, sometimes perhaps to an even greater extent than the customer themselves, they can achieve the position of trusted supplier and can almost be considered as a consultant to the business. Good news for the purchasing company, since they will have the opportunity to work with a supplier who understands well how they can best help. And good news for the selling company too, since such a relationship confers competitive advantage – which means more sales!It has several benefits to the salesperson:

Work to a guaranteed process while maintaining an individual style. Be “you” but have the knowledge and confidence that you are working in a structured and thorough manner.

Improve forecasting and identify any potential problems. Because you are working to a consistent standard of professionalism, variation is reduced. Thus any problems in closing business can be more easily predicted or identified and remedial action taken.

Evaluate your performance against a standard and seek help with any challenges. If the desired results are not being achieved, the specific area for improvement can be identified and support given.

Justify your activities and outcomes to a line manager if challenged. The process enables you to provide a rationale for what you are doing, why you are doing it, what result you can expect and when.

It is a process which enables truly consultative selling…and that’s why it’s referred to as Structured Solution Selling™ or S3™.

Selling…The Essentials For Success is designed for all newly appointed sales staff in their first six months or sales people, with no formal sales training and is structured around our S3™ process. This enables the salesperson to have a competitive advantage and add value to the customers business and create solutions that make a real difference.