Rotting Or Growing?

At this time of year, when the gardens are closing down for winter and the roses are being dressed with compost, it’s worth reflecting on the similarities between a refreshing dose of well rotted vegetable matter and the resources of businesses looking to emerge from tough times!

After a spell of healthy growth and blooming results, things can turn a little flat; making use of well developed people, changing their utilisation a little and applying them liberally to the roots of success can give us a spur which energises and refreshes the product for the next season. Which of your staff are rooted in the business and would you ideally not wish to lose? How adaptable are they to the changing environment and different approaches that you find you need? How might you inspire them, put them in a slightly changed role and see their raw power give a kick start to the business?

To see how we can help you lead people through the change process, inspiring and motivating them to commit to your business performance, please contact us.