With concern about the ‘credit crunch’, the ‘housing market slump’ and the ‘looming recession’, people find themselves considering how well positioned they are to weather a potential storm.
This can cause people to behave strangely, which may not always be beneficial to the organisation or themselves.

The people who tend to not only survive tough economic times, but thrive on them, are those that feel confident and secure in their employability, if not their current employment. One of the key problems for organisations when a downturn is predicted can be that employees become so concerned with holding on to their current positions that they stop making positive contributions and taking calculated risks.

If you’re in a job and you plan to stay there for at least the next year you may feel that you needn’t worry about your CV at the moment, but if your CV is looking tired and out of date, the odds are that your career might be starting to stagnate too, along with your ambition.

People who view themselves and their skills as an asset to be leveraged throughout their career keep their CV’s up to date and regularly look to add new features and benefits to them. This gives them a strong sense of employability, knowing that they have lots to offer an employer, whether that’s the organisation they’re currently working for, a new organisation, or themselves if they want to strike out alone.

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