Protect And Perfect – A Serum For Success

Boots have been hitting the headlines over the last week with their Protect and Perfect anti-aging moisturiser. People have queued outside the stores early in the morning to snap up new supplies following positive publicity.
Creating a buzz has created a demand for the product that simply wouldn’t have existed. Moisturiser sales as a whole have increased, rather than just the new serum.
It may be that the early morning queuers would look younger for a full night’s sleep, but research had shown them that the way to look young was to buy Boots’ product. Boots’ had paid for that research and the tests did not compare against competitors, but the results showed that Protect and Perfect worked, and so it sold.
This was an inspired piece of marketing from Boots, and inspired marketing can make your learning and development budget go further and deliver more. When using e-learning, one of the concerns organisations express is a lack of take up compared to off site training activities. Off site training activities are usually planned in and advertised within the organisation, people receive multiple communications about the programme, the logistics, what to do and what to expect, but that same effort is often lacking when e-learning programmes are rolled out. This lack of positive communication can give employees the impression that e-learning is second best.
When implementing a new e-learning solution company wide it pays to plan the communication, to build some anticipation – to create a queue. When launching our e-learning in their organisations customers have run teaser campaigns, held launch events, organised e-learner kits for people who pre-register, and designed quarterly news bulletins to keep interest levels high.
When interest levels in e-learning are high, we often find that interest levels in all learning and development are high, and people are prepared to consider routes to success beyond the traditional training environment.
These approaches, when planned in advance, build real enthusiasm for e-learning, and give it a real sense of worth amongst employees. Ongoing success stories, awards and news keep the buzz going, and keep the e-learning young and fresh, which is what everyone wants.

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