Professional Selling is not just ‘the gift of the gab.’

Professional Selling is not just ‘the gift of the gab.’ Professional salespeople need a structured approach to help them to be successful – fast. Experienced salespeople also benefit from a refresher.


Competition is a key factor. The level of skills required to be a success twenty years ago, will not result in significant sales today. We need the highest level of skills to ensure success.

The cost of employing salespeople is high. This includes indirect costs and staff. Without the highest level of skills this investment produces a poor return.

Selling is, on the whole, an unsupervised profession. At key points with customers usually the salesperson is by himself/herself. This means bad habits develop without the salesperson being aware. Skills need to be refreshed.

This course provides the essential selling skills needed in today’s highly competitive arena.

Who Should Attend
New salespeople and those who have not had training in over three years.

2 Days

Selling Skills – Course Objectives

Participants will learn:

  • the key elements required to be successful in selling. They will also learn a proven and easy to remember structure
  • to profile the customer’s organisation and people prior to the meeting – what are the potential issues, needs, etc?
  • the key factors of preparation including setting call objectives, checking materials and dealing with nerves. They will also learn how to turn waiting in reception areas into a valuable use of time
  • how to ensure the meeting is started properly and how to avoid common errors.
    how to design questions to obtain the data and decision criteria in a conversational and professional manner
  • how to use active listening skills during the enquiry stage to ensure they obtain the maximum amount of information in key areas, and gently control the flow of the conversation
  • how to match needs with aspects of their solutions, in a manner that maintains interest, relevance and moves towards agreement. They will also learn how to develop their personal style and avoid common errors
  • how to move professionally to agreement and handle any questions, reservations or objections in a low-key professional manner
  • how to deal with the ‘post-meeting’ aspects of ‘Review’ and ‘Enforce’ to increase their success.


Selling Skills – Course Outline

Success Characteristics
Key personal characteristics that affect selling success
The structure of a successful sales meeting

‘Tuning in’
The organisation
The person

Call objectives
Reception area

Opening the meeting
Relaxing the other person
Establishing appropriate credentials
Arousing interest
Setting the agenda
Checking time constraints
Common pitfalls

Question design
Question style
Uncovering needs
Understanding the decision process

Active Listening Skills
Benefits of active listening
Active listening skills
Using active listening techniques to encourage full disclosure
Active listening as gentle control of the meeting

Presenting The Solution
The ‘need-feature-advantage-benefit-confirm’ sequence
Identify appropriate benefits common pitfalls
Handling buying signals
Ten ways to polish the presentation
The presentation flow

Getting Agreement
How to select the most effective method of closing
Enhancements to ‘closing’
How to ensure professional, non-aggressive closing
Handling objections
The L.A.I.D.-back® approach

Review And Enforce
Key questions for ourselves
Preparing for future meetings
Follow-up on agreements