Presentation Skills

At all levels of people’s working lives it is an inevitable part of their professional career to give speeches or presentations. In the early part of your career you could be asked to give an informal briefing to colleagues on a recent training course or a demonstration on how a piece of equipment works. As you become more established you may find yourself going through the results of a campaign to a group of managers; giving colleagues a progress update on a project; putting forward your proposals to a client; or even delivering a sales pitch. Below is a self assessment of your approach to using and developing visual aids (literature, samples, slide, presentation etc.) Answer the questions true or false:

Self Assessment

1. My visual aids replicate company literature.

2. I avoid using visual aids as they turn customers cold.

3. Most presentation material is used to aid understanding.

4. The quality of my presentation material reflects the quality of my sales package

5. My presentation material consists of only company generated material.

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