Persuasion – Why Do People Buy?

People buy when there is a gap between their current situation and their ideal situation.

It is essential at the pre-presentation (sales investigation) stage that we find out the gaps or needs and wants of the customer.
People do not buy products/services they buy what the product or service will do for them. In other words, they buy products or services that plug the metaphorical gap between where they are now (current situation) and where they would like to be (ideal situation).

Another way of looking at this is through features and benefits.
A feature is a property, or part of a product or service, e.g.:
  • fuel injection on a car
  • electric aerial on a car
  • half load on a washing machine.
All of the above features are not the reason why people buy. They buy only if the feature does something for them ie a benefit.
A benefit is what the feature does, e.g.:
  • fuel injection fives smoother acceleration and better economy
  • electric aerial saves you having to get out of the car to push the antenna down
  • half-load on a washing machine means when you want to wash a small load you do not have to use a full load of water and the accompanying washing powder and electricity.
Benefit statements often use words like save …, reduce …, gain …, improve … etc.
As a sales person, you will be responsible for uncovering client needs and the delivering tailored presentations highlighting the features and benefits of your product or service. To help you get the best results from your presentations, we offer a 2 day course, Improving Your Presentation Skills which is for individuals at all levels who wish to assess and improve their ability to give confident, professional and effective presentations.