Personal Effectiveness

As a  Manager, it will be part of your job to delegate in order to achieve your targets. As we know, not all sales people naturally make good managers. Here are some hints and tips to get you on your way!

  • Utilise the essential organisation tools diary/personal organiser, customer and prospect ‘records’, maps, territory plan and all appropriate sales aids
  • Plan your sales territory based on achieving optimum use of selling time, maximum coverage and greatest penetration of potential
  • Plan your day by starting at the same or earlier time every day, avoiding unnecessary disruptions and by a disciplined operation of your journey plan
  • Make a daily list and prioritise – must be done should be done or could be done
  • Schedule the ‘musts’ for the time when you know you are mentally at your most capable (usually am)
  • Allocate time for each priority and include ‘time to think’
  • Research and qualify your prospects
  • Make appointments and keep all records up to date
  • Organise and prepare yourself fully before every call, never ever resorting to playing it ‘off the cuff’
  • Keep up to date with all changes and developments relative to your product, your company, your customers and your prospects