Personal Effectiveness for Sales People

An effective salesperson may achieve greater results than an ineffective salesperson of greater sales ability. Working hard is not enough; top salespeople need to be effective.


A salesperson with great knowledge/skills will achieve less than someone with lesser knowledge/skills, but who is significantly more effective. With pressure on time increasing, slack time has become almost non-existent. Rare skills require great effectiveness to have maximum impact. Work pressure has seen an increase in stress related disorders.

During this practical and thought-provoking course, participants will learn how to increase their personal effectiveness in handling priorities, time and stress.

Who Should Attend
All new and experienced salespeople.

1 Day

Personal Effectiveness (Sales) – Course Objectives

Participants will learn:

  • to consider their current operation and develop an action plan to help them focus on priorities
  •  how to deal with the ‘thieves of time’ affecting them
  • how to reduce distress and deal with it when it occurs
  • how to use objective setting and action plans to increase personal effectiveness
  • how to improve memory quickly


Personal Effectiveness (Sales) – Course Outline

Setting Priorities
In-tray issues
The priority grid
Analysis of personal time log
Personal action plan

“Thieves Of Time”
Identifying and developing action plans to deal with:
Other departments/colleagues
Own likes/dislikes
Your ‘boss’
Inability to say ‘No’

Distress and eustress
Pre-disposing factors
Causes of distress
Symptoms of distress
Dealing with distress
Preventing distress
Creating a personal action plan

Setting Objectives
The key to success
Objectives and action plans

How memory works
How to improve memory
Better memory in the sales process