Performance Management: Let’s Start At Your Beginning

Performance Management is a hot topic in many organisations as they struggle to define themselves as high performing businesses. The difficulty many face is that the organisation holds many different views about what performance management means and different parts of the business deliver performance management differently.

This can mean that more time is spent discussing the differences and problems that the similarities and opportunities. Every organisation is on a performance management journey, the skill is in knowing where you are on that journey as well as having a clear idea of where you want to be.

A disparate set of current approaches may mean that some parts of the business need to take a different track towards improvement than others. This doesn’t signify failure and certainly shouldn’t result in mixed messages. By setting key goals and ensuring that there is a shared view of what the organisation aspires to in performance management terms, each area can move forward from where it is, at a pace that makes sense.

This careful assessment avoids a sheep dip approach which may cause frustration as well as prove expensive and ineffective.