Performance Management At Christmas

How come Christmas always works? The answer is Father Christmas’s Performance Management System is built on fundamental best practice principles.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Built around SMART objectives, right present, right person, right house, right day. Right first time with just in time delivery..

Critical Success Factors (CSFs)
All activities tested against fit for purpose model, Lean techniques applied, no waste processes, with a high ownership culture and fantastic work rate in the production and delivery teams. Bureaucracy kept to a minimum, still happy with verbal orders, red tape only used for gift enhancement purposes.

Behavioural Mind Set
A rigorous recruitment and selection criteria means a belief in the art of the possible is a critical requirement. A very flat structure, although still little transferable skills between human(ish) and animal teams. A positive approach to flexible working is essential. Clock watchers welcome.

Strong Consequences Model
The whole of the rating scale is used, from tears of joy to unmitigated misery. Forced distribution is also used, mandating most outcomes must come in the positive rating sectors. Job for eternity on offer, a job for life considered an unrealistic expectation.

Real Time, Accurate Management Information
Precise long range forecasting with allowances for short term adjustments built into system. Immediate positive feedback given, some negative feedback takes longer to filter through. Persistent problems with budgeting mean cost overruns are common although these are never allowed to impact on future year’s investment decisions.

Father Christmas and his team remain true world class performers.