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Police Phone Box

Telephone Selling

The telephone remains an essential part of selling. The telephone provides great opportunities, and it presents particular challenges – which explains why many sales people are successful face-to-face but not on the telephone. Overview Telephone […]
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Three glasses of port

Selling Styles – Which One Are You?

9/1 The Pressure Seller: The main concern of a 9/1 Seller is to get the business, and the customer’s attitude is of secondary importance to this selling style in gaining this objective.They are achievement orientated, […]
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Seven Steps To Building Peer Group Pressure

Peer Group Pressure is the glue that binds high performing team together, creating a self sustaining level achievement within a supportive framework. [geoads2] The Benefits Management can spend less time checking and policing, more time […]
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Mysterious figures

Sales Questioning

The difference between ‘telling’ and ‘selling’ is ‘asking.’ As buyers become increasingly resistant to ‘aggressive’ selling, questioning skills have become a key difference between average performers and the top performers. Overview Today’s competitive environment requires […]
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Managing Sales Inquiries

Overview Today’s competitive environment requires more than good interpersonal skills. Good salespeople are made, not born. They may have the inherent interpersonal skills and the ‘will-to-win’ but that must be matched by effective structures, processes […]
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Developing Sales Proposals

The sales proposal is often the result of extensive effort. Poor proposals waste the investment and effort involved.  Get it right to improve your sales efficiency. [geoads2] Overview Written communication is an essential skill for […]
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Sales Awareness For Non Sales People

Anyone in contact with customers and prospects either helps or hinders the sales process. This course gives the essential knowledge and awareness needed. [geoads2] Overview A common error is to believe that selling is only […]
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Prospecting For Sales

More telephone prospecting takes place today than ever before, and internet searches and email introductions can be a minefield. To obtain qualified appointments needs greater skill. [geoads2] Overview Generating new sales leads is perhaps one […]